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Welcome to Axcension, Inc.

Because we understand healthcare organizations and the challenges they face, our primary focus is to provide solutions that maximize efficiency and maintain regulatory compliance within a tight fiscal framework.  Axcension's technology and security solutions focus on: 

  • EMR

  • HIMS

  • Revenue Cycle Management

  • Financial Management

  • Performance Management

  • Clinical Reporting

  • PACS / RIS

  • Physician Credentialing System

  • Patient Accounting & Billing

  • Health Information Exchange

  • Regulatory Compliance

Axcension brings the experience of healthcare industry clinicians to the development table, ensuring that the company has been able to develop a system that exceeds the functionality and usability expectations of virtually all of those clinicians who use the technology. Axcension leaders also understand the very unique documentation and medical records needs of healthcare organizations. As a result, Axcension offers the information systems and support needed to meet the administrative, legal and workflow needs of healthcare organizations.



Cloud computing services are already a permanent fixture of consumer oriented services such as email, storage and social media. The shift from traditional software models to the Internet has gained momentum, now the opportunities provided by this approach are becoming available to enterprises of all sizes, enabling them to deliver scalable and resilient services to employees, partners and customers at lower cost and with higher business agility.



Users from all fields are increasingly using their iPhones and iPads for their extreme multitasking abilities and efficiency. The medical field is no exception. Where medics and paramedics before used expensive equipment during emergencies, they now use their highly data-driven, easy-to-use and much less expensive mobile devices and the mobile apps available therein.



The HITECH Act includes a number of measures designed to broaden the scope and increase the rigor of HIPAA compliance. New updates to the law are added on a regular basis. Axcension's security solutions help you control your cost, Increase access to information and maintain security.



Data is your business; keeping that data secure is our business. Axcension's data security solutions allow you to better manage your costs and make your business more competitive without sacrificing security or performance. Our network security standards and procedures let you rest assured that your data and applications are running on the most secure environment. Thanks to our multi-layered firewalls and virus protection, our clients don't have to worry about security breaches, such as hackers or virus attacks.




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Healthcare - HIPAA
Finance - GLBA
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Banking - HITECH
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