Database Hosting

Single Server Colocation Standard

Utilizing Axcension's secure hosting environment to host your data is a smart alternative to building and managing your own data center facility. Axcension provides a state-of-the-art solution that enables you to reap the benefits of our world-class data facility, network, and support services, instead of investing in additional overhead associated with maintaining your own facility and support.

Open source database platforms like MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and PostgreSQL that have achieved broad acceptance provide adept, malicious hackers an obvious path to attack websites en masse. With Axcension, you can trust that your database will be protected with the most advanced security available.

Secure MySQL Hosting

As a widely adopted database solution, MySQLís code proliferates in businesses worldwide. Such broad adoption makes an enticing area for malicious hackers who desire global exploitation. Axcension provides ideal hosting environments for projects built on MySQL; our advanced, secure cloud hosting ensures the highest security and protection for your databases.

Secure Microsoft SQL Server Hosting

Microsoft SQL Serverís code is embedded in businesses around the globe. Unfortunately, this means MSSQL-based applications provide a direct line of site to global exploitation for some malicious hackers. Axcensionís focus on enterprise security makes us the perfect hosting solution to protect projects built on Microsoft SQL.

Secure PostgreSQL Hosting

Projects built on open source databases like PostgreSQL benefit from Axcensionís advanced, secure cloud hosting techniques. For example, load balancing and log monitoring couple with traits from enterprise security to help ensure the highest security and protection for the content of your PostgreSQL database.

Secure MariaDB Hosting

MariaDBís open source code is readily available for anyone to use or adapt, including malicious hackers who desire wide-spread exploitation. Axcensio is the perfect hosting solution for projects built on open source databases like MariaDB. Advanced, secure hosting techniques couple with traits from enterprise security to help ensure the highest security and protection for the content of your MariaDB.

Secure MongoDB Hosting

As an open source database solution, MongoDBís code is freely available for anyone to use or adapt. Unfortunately, this includes malicious hackers who aim for exploitation en mass. Axcension's enterprise security suite includes web application protection, hardware firewalls, and a network designed for client isolation to help ensure the highest security and protection for the content of your MongoDB database.

Secure Oracle Database Hosting

Oracle database solutions set the bar for performance, scalability, security and reliability. Applications on an Oracle database can easily scale from small, single-processor cloud servers to clusters of multi-processor cloud servers without changing a line of code.








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