Managed Hosting

Managed hosting support is a priceless part of your secure, managed cloud hosting package with Axcension. Literally. We include around-the-clock support to every Secure Cloud Server at no additional cost. Clients with mission-critical websites and web applications, like eCommerce and SaaS providers, and high profile websites can find (much-needed) security, protection and managed support at Axcension.

Secure Managed Windows Hosting

Cloud hosting for Windows includes managed support at no additional cost and without any hidden fees. Our Microsoft Certified technical engineers can expertly manage your Windows Server hosting environment.

Secure Managed Linux Hosting

Clients worldwide have discovered the benefits of our managed cloud hosting for Linux. We support Apache, LiteSpeed, and other powerful web servers to help optimize your secure and managed cloud hosting experience.

Secure Managed eCommerce Hosting

Among the first cloud hosting providers to achieve PCI 2.0 compliance, Axcension helps online retailers securely accept and process credit cards. Our experienced, eCommerce hosting support team can help you achieve more secure eCommerce hosting available for your business.

Managed Load Balanced Hosting

Load balancing allows Axcension Secure Cloud Servers to act as one and help ensure top web application performance under load. Managed, load balanced hosting mitigates traffic “bottlenecks” to help to ensure critical systems and websites are available to users at all times.

Managed Global Delivered Hosting

Global Points of Presence (POPs) let your visitors pull videos, Flash files, images and apps from the POP closest to their physical location. With the help of Axcension’s managed support staff, customers across the US, Europe, Asia and Australia will surf your website with ease.

Managed High-Availability Hosting

High-Availability (HA) server hosting helps ensure your web application is accessible at all times. For servers hosting mission critical services like eCommerce or SaaS applications, streaming media or email services, HA hosting minimizes your downtime risks.

Secure Managed VPS Hosting

Our secure, virtualized, public cloud servers are among the first to deliver power, performance, and security with flexibility, scalability, visibility and control. Truly, managed VPS hosting just got better with reliable managed support, included at no additional fees.

Additional Benefits of Axcension VPS Cloud Hosting:
  • Server-to-server isolation through the use of distributed stateful inspection firewalls
  • High Availability is standard with every secure hosting plan
  • Full server control with root-level access
  • Independent resource scaling, up to 84 GB RAM, 8 processor cores and unlimited storage
VPS Cloud Hosting includes high levels of protection, redundancy and speed by providing:
  • Secure hardened network design
  • Redundant managed firewalls
  • Multi-level IPS (network intrusion protection)
  • Intrusion detection system (IDS)
  • Web application protection (port 80/443)
  • VPN w/SSL provided for server management (RDP/SSH/FTP/SQL)
  • Managed backups with 14-day retention
  • Real time event monitoring / alerting
  • Timely engineer response
  • Physical security, access control, and change management
  • Operating system patching
  • Virus protection and automatic updates
  • 1 Gbps burstable bandwidth







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