Web-Native Technology

Prevalent Web-Native solutions are built from the ground up to leverage the latest and most innovative web technology. Costs are lower, deployment is faster, and data is accessible from anywhere.

Web-Based vs. Native Applications

In Web-based Applications, the data and the program both reside on the server and not on the Tablet. The data volumes handled can be very large and access methods complicated.

On the other hand, in Native Applications, the data stored on the device is usually limited and wherever a larger volume of data is required, it is accessed from a data source on the web. This problem is solved with Prevalent's Cloud Technology.

Benefits of Prevalent Web-Native Technology

Data is accessible from anywhere via web browser (PC, iPad, Tablet, iPhone)
Faster to deploy with no installation on user's computers
Fully HIPAA compliant with reliable and secure access
Lower IT infrastructure footprint
Flexible - can be hosted by Prevalent, behind your firewall or by a third party data center

Meeting your information technology needs and making it easier to provide superior customer service and manage costs we specialize in small to medium sized businesses.

Complete Clinical and Financial solutions to meet your needs:

  • Comprehensive - Our family of applications can meet all of your administrative and financial needs. Data is accessible system wide, and you have one support number to call.

  • Modular - You can deploy the entire family or pick and choose the applications you need. And with mobile products you can access your data at an office or wherever you are.

  • Standards - based and Easy to Integrate - We use an industry standard SQL Server database, and comply with all major standards including HL7, XML, DICOM and more so integration with other systems is seamless.

  • Affordable - The cost to deploy our applications is typically thousands less than other systems, both in upfront costs and over the lifetime of your implementation.









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